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Happiness Again, Amman, Jordan

When I was in Amman, I had the pleasure of spending a couple of days at Happiness Again, which is a non-profit organization aiding traumatized Syrian refugee children displaced from the war. The work that the volunteers do here is so incredibly important. The things that these children have seen and experienced as a result of the war are things that no child...or person should have to see in their lifetime.

Happiness Again puts together a program of different therapies: art therapy, yoga, individualized psychological therapy, and others in order to help the children combat the trauma they experienced. I've included photos of the children during yoga and art therapy. I also had the privilege of attending a graduation party for some of the kids from the center. It was humbling to see the center accomplish exactly what they wanted: to put smiles back on the faces of these kids. If you want more information on Happiness Again, or if you'd like to make a donation or volunteer, you can find it at: Every little bit helps to put smiles on these kids faces.