Carry-On Essentials for a Long Flight

20180612 -- Carry On Essentials-3.jpg

My travels have taken me to a lot of places recently. I've been on long haul flights (up to 14 hours), short flights and everything in between. Those long flights can be...well, long, and with carry-on weight limits and all the other added securities, bringing all the things you need is proving to be more and more difficult, so I've compiled a list of the essentials for you:



I usually bring along a cotton sweater for layering (no matter how hot my destination), a scarf that doubles as a blanket, cozy socks, an eye mask and comfy shoes. Compression socks on those long flights are also a must! I hate when I land and my feet don't even fit in my shoes!


Thankfully there's pretty good entertainment systems on long flights these days. I always like to supplement with some movies and shows downloaded on my iPad and maybe a good book or two.


I keep all my in-flight essentials in a pouch in the seat back pocket. I almost always have a hand sanitizer, hand and lip moisturizer and a spritz for my face for anytime it's feeling dry. I also like to pack Wet Ones to wipe down the tray tables and arm rests when I get on the plane.


8 kilo weight limits for carry-ons on many airlines means the roll-away is kind of impossible. I like to bring my weekender, which can be easily multi-purposed on my trip, and a tote to keep all the essentials under my seat.


I really try my hardest to not eat the airplane food. The last thing I want is to arrive at my destination all bloated and puffy. This might mean packing my own salad and protein, and it also means packing my own clean snacks. Rx Bars and nuts get me through the flight.

Tell me, what are your carry-on essentials? I'd love to know! Comment below.