Beirut, Lebanon

I was beyond excited leading up to our Beirut trip in the beginning of March. I had been dreaming about it for almost 15 years, after all (yeesh that makes me feel old). Why? It's obvious to anyone that's visited and has been enchanting people for centuries. Juxtaposition is a common theme, with dilapidated and broken vs. fresh and new, a party that never stops vs. extreme religiosity. Its unique history makes it absolutely captivating with its constant battle of preservation and ingenuity. Again, just like last time, I can't wait to go back, hopefully this time sooner than 15 years from now. I hope these photos satisfy your visual wanderlust, and scroll to the bottom for a list of what we did!

To stay: Villa Clara, hands down. It's super cozy, in the cutest neighborhood, and the breakfast, cooked daily by chef Rami Boutros, is to die for. The rooms are also each individually and adorably decorated. Do it!

To eat: I could probably go on about this for days. Here are some of our favorites we tried:
Mayrig: Mmmmm....super yummy Armenian food with the loveliest garden.
Tawlet: I wish I went back to this place again and again. It's owned by the same people as the farmer's market Souk El Tayeb. Everything is super fresh according to what's good in the market that week. The inviting long wooden tables just ask people to hang out for an entire afternoon and go back to the buffet for seconds...thirds...and maybe fourths. That day we ate kibbeh nayeh (Middle Eastern beef tartare, only to be eaten in the freshest restaurants), cauliflower fetteh (a tahini and yogurt dish made with fried cauliflower and croutons), so many salads, green beans in yogurt, and so much more.
Al-Sultan Brahim: Definitely worth the drive to Jounieh for this one. We came here specifically to get the little fish that give the restaurant's name: sultan ibrahim. I also had fish kibbeh for the first time here! There's also the typical Lebanese fair, which also looked amazing, but we weren't hungry enough, so we saved it for next time!

To do:

  • Walk around Mar Mikhael
  • Go to the Sursock Museum
  • Visit Souk el Tayeb, open on Saturdays
  • Take a day trip to Jeita Grotto (so cool), Byblos, Harissa (in the mountaintops) and then Jounieh for sultan ibrahim!
  • Shop! I didn't have time to do as much as I wanted, but I absolutely loved Zawal and the showroom slash jungle oasis slash cafe above it called Beyt. Seriously, inspiration overload.

I hope you enjoyed reading these! By the way, I'm thinking about putting some content together to help you capture your life, either in everyday, in important moments, or when traveling. Tell me, what would you like to know! What can I offer you? Comment below or shoot me an email! I'd really love to hear from you.

Until next time!