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I'm a modern family photographer capturing connected and genuine moments between you and your loved ones.

I am based out of Dubai and am available worldwide.


Stories about you


You deserve to be treated as more than just a client. You deserve more than just having the same, standard cookie-cutter images of your family. You deserve someone who takes the time to know you, know your family's story and give you a voice. I'm so glad you found me! 


Hi! I'm Omayah Atassi. On most days you can find me hanging out at my favorite local coffeeshop in jeans and a t-shirt, but I've been known to get glammed up every once in awhile. I was born to Syrian immigrants in Chicago, IL, where I spent most of my life, except for a stint in Ann Arbor and another one in New York for school. I just relocated to Dubai after my husband and me’s fairy tale wedding in Spain! There's a lot of exciting changes happening right now, and as you can see from the photos, the connections with people in my life are what I live for.

I'm a photographer, licensed speech-language pathologist, avid home cook and world traveler. Why do I love doing all of these things? I truly believe that everyone should be given the chance to have a voice and share their story. As a photographer, inclusivity is everything to me. I photograph families in all different shapes, sizes and forms, including families who have children with special needs. As a speech-language pathologist, the children I work with have the hardest time expressing themselves. And during travel, I look for the hidden stories that are often not talked about. I believe in searching and digging for authenticity. Does this sound like something you're into? Awesome, you're in great company :)

I think of choosing a family photographer as choosing someone who will be a part of your family for years to come. I love celebrating milestones with you and seeing your babies grow up. If you’re thinking of inviting me to share those moments, go ahead and click here to book now!